Vision and Mission


Upholding the motto of “Truth is virtue”, the School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University aims to pursue truth in journalism and make every endeavour to combat the spread of misinformation and disinformation. HKBU Fact Check was established to achieve research contribution and social responsibilities. We strive to reduce the level of misinformation and disinformation in mass media, to increase the public’s media literacy, to facilitate academic research, and to promote communication between professionals and practitioners.


We are committed to providing fact-checking service independently, precisely and transparently. We are a nonpartisan, independent, self-funded organization that aims to pursue the truth and uphold journalistic professionalism. Various workshops have and will be organized and academic research will be published to provide insights to tackle the problem of fake news in Hong Kong.


HKBU Fact Check is independently operated by the School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University. We are a self-funded and nonpartisan organization following the principles of journalistic professionalism to write free of prejudice, bias, and external influence.

All fact-checkers are well trained to abide by the code of principles of fact-checking. Fact-checkers can join the team only if they have passed three rounds of fact-checking tests and signed the Declaration of Interest Form.