Correction Policy

In order to ensure the accuracy of each fact-checking report, all suggestions, potential corrections and even complaints are welcome.

Readers please contact us through to submit your feedback or correction request. All submissions will be reviewed by our editorial team. If the submission are deemed justifiable, we will go further and update the fact-checking report accordingly.

1) Major mistake that will change the verdict—The report will be re-published after correction. A statement that elaborates the change and the date of re-publication will be issued and updated in the report.
2) Factual error—the specific error will be marked and corrected in the report accordingly, with a note that explains the correction and the date of modification.
3) Updates—If additional information is required to fully explain the issue, we will update the report with the new information. A note about the update will also be marked in the report.
4) Typos, grammatical errors, and other minor flaws—They will be corrected accordingly and will not be noted.