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Publish Date (HKT) 2021-04-13

[FALSE] Is ‘Kong Nga Po concentration camp’ under construction in Hong Kong?

Screenshot of the misleading Facebook post claiming “Kong Nga Po concentration camp” is under construction


  • In late March 2021, rumours began circulating online claiming that “Kong Nga Po concentration camp” is under construction in Hong Kong. A Facebook post stated that a large-scale basement has been dug up at the construction site, which is suspected to be an underground tunnel of the concentration camp.
  • Ms. Leung Dee Yin from Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD), Hong Kong, confirmed that the site in the three photos circulating online is the project site of “land formation and infrastructure works for police facilities in Kong Nga Po” (the project). The project will be handed over to the Architectural Services Department (ASD) for the construction of police training facilities. All the rumours alleging the site is a concentration camp are misleading information, said Leung.
  • The construction project (no. 7793CL) is aimed at constructing various police facilities undertaken by CEDD. Therefore, we rate the claim as FALSE.

News Brief

A Facebook post, dated Mar. 22, 2021, states, “San Uk Ling detention centre has ceased operation and ‘Kong Nga Po concentration camp’ is being built.” Some citizens found that a huge basement, as high as ten storeys, has been excavated on the site, the purpose of which was suspected to be to build an underground tunnel, said the post. The post also stated that the site is heavily guarded, “there are more than a dozen watchmen, and no outsiders are allowed to approach.” Three photos are attached in the post, showing what appears to be a construction site with stone piles, water-filled barricades, excavators, cranes and trucks. The post has been shared 62 times, received one comment and 53 likes or “mood responses” till the issuance of this report. This Facebook page is dominated by negative content about the Hong Kong police.

A post on LIHKG forum shared the abovementioned Facebook post and stated, “Why does nobody talk about the new San Uk Ling concentration camp under construction?” The post has received 180 comments and 296 mood responses till this report was published.

Screenshot of the LIHKG post claiming the San Uk Ling concentration camp to be ready soon.


We searched the keywords “Kong Nga Po” and “construction” in the search engine and found information of a construction project (no. 7793CL) provided by CEDD. The project page shows that the construction works commenced on Nov. 27, 2019, and the project contractor is Build King Construction Limited.

CEDD is a department of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region that reports to the Development Bureau. Its four major areas of services are provision of land and infrastructure, port and marine services, geotechnical services, and, environmental and sustainability services.

We sent an inquiry to CEDD with regard to the misleading the Facebook post. The senior engineer and public relations officer of CEDD, Ms. Leung Dee Yin replied on Apr. 7, 2021, confirming that the photos attached in the post are of the construction site of “land formation and infrastructure works for police facilities in Kong Nga Po” (the project). “The project is only for the purpose of building various police training facilities. “All rumours of the alleged concentration camp in Kong Nga Po is misleading information,” said Leung.

The Legislative Council Public Works Subcommittee (PWSC) was consulted on the project (contract no. ND/2018/01) on Mar. 20, 2019. The project’s funding was approved by the Legislative Council Finance Committee on May 3, 2019.

The item for public works subcommittee of finance committee” (document no. PWSC(2018–19)41) shows that the project comprises:

(a) site formation of about 19 hectares of land for accommodating various police facilities to be co-located at Kong Nga Po;
(b) upgrading of existing Kong Nga Po Road of about 1.7 kilometres long to a 7.3 metres wide single two-lane carriageway and construction of a new vehicular bridge of about 100 metres long; and
(c) associated infrastructure works, including road works, waterworks, drainage and sewerage works, geotechnical works, landscaping works, environmental mitigation measures, and other ancillary works.

Site map of the project.

Leung said that upon completion of the above works, the land will be handed over to the ASD in due course for the construction of police training facilities. The project comprises:

(a) Reprovision of police driving and traffic training centre along with the police weapon training facilities in Fan Garden, Fanling;
(b) Reprovision of the 25 metres long Ma Tso Lung police firing range, 300 metres long Lo Wu firing range and a helipad in the Kwu Tung North New Development Areas.
(c) Provision of a proposed police training facility.

Site map of various police facilities at the Kong Nga Po site.

In addition, “item for discussion” (document No. 2/2021) of the North District Council (NDC) shows that the Police consulted the NDC on the proposed construction of the police training facilities at Kong Nga Po in February this year.

Screenshot of CEDD’s email reply.


CEDD has confirmed that the Kong Nga Po concentration site is only for the construction of various police facilities rather than the alleged “concentration camp.” Upon its completion, the land will be handed over to the ASD for further reprovision of several police training facilities. CEDD also said all information claiming this site is a concentration camp is misleading. Therefore, we rate the claim as FALSE.